75-Year-Old Sends a Hammering Blow to Comcast's Customer Service

If there is one 75-year-old you do not want to piss off, it's Mona Shaw. Ms Shaw was in the process of switching her phone service from Verizon to Comcast's Triple Play, but after multiple failed attempts, she went ballistic—with a hammer! Ms Shaw vented her fury by smashing up the local Comcast payment center in Manassas, Center Street, Virginia.

As Mona went ape shit with the hammer, destroying inanimate objects around the office, she was reported to have been screaming, "Have I got your attention now?" The mental image of which has us laughing so hard we think we peed our pants a little. Ms Shaw was later arrested for disorderly behavior, after which she received a three month suspended sentence, a $345 fine and was barred from Comcast's offices for one year.


We've heard that Comcast's customer service is so pants, it was only a matter of time before a 75-year-old took a hammer to their office furniture. Drop your messages of united frustration below, but no matter however diabolical the service, remember; random destruction caused by senseless wielding of a hammer will rarely provide the answers you seek. [Washington Post]

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