8-Bit ZX Spectrum Gaming Emulator Arrives on the iPhone

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If you've not heard of the ZX Spectrum, you're either American or were born on the wrong side of 1990. Or both! Nevermind though, because you can experience what Brits grew up playing in the '80s on this $1 app.

It hit the UK in 1982, and was one of the most popular computers for gaming for almost a decade. Back then, they had 16KB of RAM, but by the end of their reign on teenagers' afterschool attention, they'd progressed to 128KB of RAM with an inbuilt floppy disk.

The elite collection iPhone app has six games at the moment, but in a few weeks there'll be a free update for six more titles. At the moment though, you can twiddle your thumbs on Turbo Esprit, Saboteur, Chuckie Egg, Harrier Attack, Frank Bruno's Boxing the UK and Buggy Boy.


If the thought of playing 12 8-bit games in the next month just isn't enough, the developers have said that "commercial agreements have already been reached with two more publishers (including one of the 80s biggest) taking to more than 200 the number of games available for inclusion in the forthcoming updates or volumes of ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection." Yowsers. [iTunes via Recombu]