Summer is rearing its sweaty head, and there's nothing we can do to stop it. We can fight back though, and our very own Giz readers have offered up some stellar ideas on how to beat the heat until it slinks off into a corner and leaves us all alone. Time to start building your arsenal.


1. Shaved Ice Machine

Suggested by: strich

My wife bought a sno-cone maker last week. Shaved ice with suggary syrup poured over the top eaten with a little plastic spoon is a pretty nice way to take your mind off the heat and have fun. It works here in Dallas where it's been known to get a little warm in the summer.


Price: $40

2. Beer Shorts


Suggested by: Carl Winans

Price: $37

3. Popsicle Molds with Built-In Straws


Suggested by: Eric Limer

Price: $14


4. Gold Bond Body Powder


Suggested by: Inspectah_Patio and acidraindrops

Extra cooling to keep your balls extra dry during the summer. Or, em, anything else :D

Price: $15 for 24oz.


5. Ludicrously Over-Engineered Underwear


Suggested by: anytakers

Price: $100 (!)

6. Frigidaire Dehumidifier


Suggested by: godnorazi

I can leave my thermostat at 80 and it still feels great in the humid summer with this baby.

Price: $250


7. Waterproof MP3 Player


Suggested by: laurelnev

Price: $28

8. Wool and Synthetic Fabrics


Suggested by: twelvehappymen

Clothing is key. I'm a sweaty dude that walks everywhere in a hot/humid part of the world. I try to banish as much cotton from my wardrobe as possible.

If you can afford it, the modern smartwool/icebreaker/ibex merino stuff is amazing. Much better than any of the high-tech synthetics in my experience. Cotton undershirts get soaked and feel clammy all day if you wear them under a dress shirt. Synthetics that are good at wicking and dry quickly when exposed to air flow, but suck when worn under another layer. And they get stinky. Wool is kinda miraculous, being able to wick, dry quickly when exposed to air and (critically) remain comfortable when completely waterlogged.

My icebreaker wool hoodie is my go-to garment for clammy summer nights when a t-shirt is too light but a sweatshirt is too sweaty. I've got some wool underwear that's pretty nice, too, but even a wool zealot has trouble spending $30 for something that you fart in.

Also, a broad brimmed hat. I call it my Hat of Pragmatism. My son calls it the Explorer Hat. My wife calls it "that thing". Whatever you call it, it makes wandering around in the sun a lot more enjoyable.


Price: ~$30-100