855,000 Phones Dropped in UK Toilets Yearly

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Did you know 855,000 phones are flushed down the toilet every year in the UK?

That's both true and ridiculous. SimplySwitch, a price comparison site that apparently services the UK, came up with this number. How many people are in the UK? 60.7 million? That's about 1.5% of the population that actually flushed their phones down the toilet. Somewhere, the sexy plumber babe is laughing.


Other interesting stats: 315,000 are lost in a taxi, 225,000 in a bus, 58,500 to dogs, and 116,000 in the laundry.

All this phone loss is probably why the cellphone industry is doing so well. It can't be because of their fantastic UI improvements year over year.

Brits Drop 850,000 Phones Down the Toilet - Each Year [Cellular News via Wireless Info]

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..and then they grow..and grow .. in the darkness of the sewer system until unwitting sewer workers get devoured only to be pooped out as Verizon customer support staff