Sexy Plumber Babe Entices You to Flush Stuff

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Click to viewMeet Jo, a sexy babe masquerading as a plumber at the Kohler website—but we think she's a sultry little temptress. "Flushing is fun," she coos. "Pick an item." I got your item, right here. We're in love.


Click on an object in the scene, and then she sashays over, picks it up and drops it in the toilet, ready for you to flush. We especially like the way she giggles and asks you to "stop tickling" her when you mouse over her cuteness.

The point of all this? Kohler Class Five technology needs very little water to flush down even the biggest pinched loaves. That fancy toilet still has a hard time with that rubber ducky, though.

Jo wants to meet your friends [Kohler, via Neatorama]



Ok, so this low flush toilet can handle a pretty large turd, eh? That may be, but with so little water flow during the flush, how the hell is it going to wash off all the smears off the side of the bowl, especially after a long weekend of drinking beer and eating spicy mexican food?

I just don't buy it.

And while I enjoy watching the hottie flush strange objects down the john, there's just something a little disturbing about such a hot babe selling a shitter.