8GB Asus Eee PC Priced and Quasi-Dated

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It looks like a Dynamism product listing has revealed about when the 8GB Asus Eee PC will be hitting store shelves and for just how much damage to your bank account. Listed for $499 as expected, the tiny laptop featuring 8GB of flash storage and 1GB of RAM will be shipping in mid to late December. So yes, it's still in Christmas gift territory for those interested.

It's also confirmed here that, as Asus debunked already, the 8GB model will not feature a larger screen than its predecessors. So is the 8GB model still enticing? If you don't want to void your warranty by adding extra RAM, then yes. But with its abundance of USB ports, the possibilities of extra storage aren't quite as tempting as some extra horsepower under the hood. Is it worth saving $100 on the 4GB model? [dynamism via jkkmobile]