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We thought the only difference between the different pricepoints of Asus Eee PCs would be the storage and a few tiny features, like the $299 version lacking the $399 version's webcam. But Asus's upcoming 8GB model will not only feature an extra 512MB of RAM, but a screen size of nearly 3" over its counterparts—10" in all.


Asus is managing the upgrade without increasing the Eee's footprint at all, though we're not certain how the upgrade will effect the somewhat large speakers that sit on each side of the current screens.

We're digging our Eee PC in the Wilson household, but had Asus announced the 8GB version would have a bigger screen in the first place (they'd originally claimed all models to have identically sized screens), we'd have held out on the purchase. There's still no price or release date set for the 8GB model. [source (german) via I4U]


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