If you’re anything like me, you just woke up from a sugar coma with your teeth half-dissolved in a slurry Cadbury egg goop. But while Easter is over, the eggs will live on. Here are your photos from this week’s Easter Egg Shooting Challenge.

Winner: The Hunted


Maybe if stay very still, they won’t find me. Maybe if I don’t make a sound, they’ll pass me by. Maybe I can avoid the butchery. Or, maybe I’m just waiting here for the inevitable...Canon G7X, f/2.8, ISO 250, 1/320 sec.

S Wootten



I created these eggs myself over the past few years. They are done in the traditional Ukrainian method known as pysanky, with layers of wax and dye. These patterns are not traditional. I took the photo outside, in the grass, in the shade. Nikon D3300; 50mm prime lens; shutter speed 1/30; aperture f5.6

Dan Lythcott-Haims



This was the second or third time in my life that I have dyed eggs, but it is the first time doing it with my wife and 1.5yr old son. Took this pic as a memento while the eggs were drying. It was my wife’s idea to add my son’s toy. I think i looks like two buds hanging out, waiting for the ribs to come off the grill. Taken on a Sony Nex-5r

Ron Walker



These eggs were dyed using a marbling technique then placed into a bowl and decorated with field flowers. This was shot with at Nikon D7100, ISO 200, F/6.3

Karen B

Phan Phum


A silver “phan phum,” offerings made to Buddha/King/Queen of Thailand? (Hard to find information about these online, please correct me if I’m wrong). Taken at the Thai New Year Festival in Los Angeles.. Not sure if this qualifies, but looks a lot like an egg... and it was Easter.

Richard Heller

Golden Eggs


This year we didn’t hold a traditional family Easter and decided to spend the beautiful day out of the house. To keep a bit of normalcy I did keep Ester inspired décor on my counter, tulips and golden eggs. I used my Droid Maxx, set it on the counter and took a different point of view photo.

Kristin Erling

Buddha’s Hungry


The photo shoot took place in my backyard. We have a small Buddha head statue near our pergola. The eggs were placed around the statue while my dogs helped create the scene. Nikon D5200. Nikon Nikkor 40MM lens. Handheld. Natural lighting. No retouching done. Resized according to contest rules.

Matt Ficarelli

Laying Eggs


Here is the shot I took Easter morning in the fresh snow! A chocolate rabbit laying some eggs as he hops! Took using a Canon 20D and Canon 50mm f1.8.

Scott Lumsden

Silk Ties


My daughter and I died easter eggs this year using silk ties, turns out that the red transfers best and makes a great pink. multiple panoramic shots with a Sony A65 and 85mm lens stitched in AutoPano Giga using the Little Planet orthographic model that gave the shot the slightly curved aspect.

Marvin Francois

Respect to Food Bloggers


My husband sends me links to the photography contests and I have never submitted until now. This one seemed right up our alley as I suspect he’s tired of me dragging him all over town and on nature hikes every weekend in order for me to practice with my camera!

We’re newlyweds so we’re trying to come up with our own traditions for holidays and we spent the night before trying to remember how to dye eggs - something neither of us have done since we were little kids. Much hilarity, and color tinged fingers, ensued.


We have a hand-me-down dining table that is painted poo brown, so to set up the shot I found some dish towels that were a wedding present and thought the rooster/chicken theme worked well for the eggs and hid our not so pretty table. I now have a thousand times more respect for the food bloggers with gorgeous shots!!

Della Leffler-Donnell

I’m seriously jealous of everyone’s egg dyeing skills. Find all of the big images on flickr.