90 Artists and Designers Reimagined R2-D2 In Weird and Wonderful Ways

As part of Star Wars Celebration last week, Sideshow Collectibles reached out to over 90 artists, designers, and friends with a simple task: take the company’s new sixth-scale R2-D2 figure and reimagine the astromech droid in weird and wonderful ways.

The results of the R2-ME2 project are sometimes hilarious, sometimes scary, and sometimes incredibly clever as the various artists drew on pop culture references, alternate career paths, and even the Star Wars universe itself. In the Star Wars movies it seemed like there was nothing R2-D2 couldn’t do, and that sentiment is definitely mirrored with these. Here are some of our favorites:


Anthony Mestas

The giant AT-ATs from Empire Strikes Back are as much a fan favorite as R2-D2 is, so this is a perfect synergy.

Andrew Pasquella


If you’ve ever wondered what made R2-D2 tick inside, here’s your answer: watermelon seeds.

Bruce Mitchell


Hidden beneath R2-D2’s countless access panels and hidden doors are an endless supply of tools, but what else has the astromech droid been hiding?

Dave Kawano


Like Star Wars, Adventure Time is enjoyed by young and old alike, so a Finn version of R2-D2 almost seems mandatory. But where’s the Jake C3PO?

Earl Negrete


The similarities between Buzz Lightyear’s space suit and domed helmet to R2-D2 are wonderful when you see the two characters mashed up like this.

Erik Scoggan


R2-D2 does kind of look like a walking, beeping garbage can, so it only makes sense that Oscar the Grouch might one day find him to be home sweet home.

Gene Kozicki


He’s certainly not the fastest droid in the galaxy, but painted in Gulf-like livery R2-D2 looks ready to race—or at least serve as an all-in-one pit crew.

Kirk Thatcher


Would anyone really be upset if the next Pirates of the Caribbean film starred R2-D2 instead of Johnny Depp? Obviously not.

Pascual Wawoe


On Jabba’s sail barge R2-D2’s talents were wasted serving drinks. He should have actually been flipping burgers and grilling up sausages.

Matt Black


Repainted as a classic weightlifter R2-D2 could easily raise thousands of dollars when Movember rolls around again later this year.

Raul Martinez


Above everything else, R2-D2 is a bona fide movie star. And like any celebrity who’s appeared in films, what the little droid really wants to do is direct.

Photos by Sideshow Collectibles

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