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$999.99 iPhone App MyCentrl Hooks You Up With Other Dumb Rich People

Illustration for article titled $999.99 iPhone App MyCentrl Hooks You Up With Other Dumb Rich People

Love blowing cash on stupid, useless crap in the middle of the recession just to show how rich you are? Want to meet other people like yourself? MyCentrl is the $999.99 iPhone app for you.


Cleverly, MyCentrl's developers only put up a single screenshot, revealing buttons for "people" and "chat," and fail to describe the application in any way, shape or form, other than calling it a social networking app. Meaning if you want to unlock the mystery, you need to drop a grand to do so.

But you know when you do, you'll be in good company, surrounded solely by people who also have $1000 to spend on an iPhone app just to meet other rich people with no regard for money or taste, like themselves. You know, like Citigroup executives. [iTunes via App Shopper - Thanks merlosso!]

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I suppose the elite have grown weary of slumming it with the likes of Facebookers Myspacers and Gizmodo commenters or any social network where they can freely pick and choose the friends they want without paying exorbitant amounts of money to do so. If I was some rich dude and wanted to pay through the nose to gather and hobnob with fellow heavywallets I'd at least want to do so in person not poke at my friggin iPhone.

Besides don't the rich and tasteless just buy Tag/Heuer croc phones with no networking features for $1200?