A 1:6 Scale Replica Of The Jaws Shark, To Feast Upon Your Figures

Bruce, as the giant Shark head was fondly known by the crew of Jaws, made a name for himself chomping on people in the iconic film - and now his head can join your roster of 1:6 figures, for either posing fun or to happily watch him devour your collection!

Header Image Credit: John Stranowski. All Images credited as such unless otherwise stated.


The incredibly detailed bust of the shark, covered in gouges and scratches from his battles, is made by Mike and Cathy Schultz of SharkCityOzark FX. Standing — well, standing so much as the disembodied head of a Great White Shark possibly can — at roughly 12" and 16" long, Bruce is accurately scaled to 1:6, meaning you can pose him alongside your Hot Toys and the like to your hearts content. Or, you know, have him eat them.

Poor Boba. First the Sarlaac, now this!

Aside from being crafted to be as faithful to the original movie prop as possible, Bruce even comes with various levels of gore upon request: you can have him relatively cleaned up, or have his teeth filled with bits of cloth or other viscera as if he's just freshly chomped on another hapless victim. There's nothing like 'Gore level' being a bullet point for something, honestly.


Want the disembodied head of a Shark on your shelf (the answer is should obviously be God Yes!)? The Bruce Bust is due for release within the next few months, and can currently be preordered from SharkCityOzark for $300. That's basically Hot Toys price, but for the head of a giant shark. Bargain!

[via Kaiju Addicts]

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