Sure, some people might think to turn their empty second-floor room into a TV room. But I can't imagine many spend 3 years and $60,000 meticulously transforming it into a 1950s style movie palace like Tom Kern did.

Four years ago, the second floor of Tom Kern's home contained an empty white room, measuring 38 by 14 feet. Today it's lavish movie palace, complete with 92" projector, vintage movie posters, and remote control curtains. And while plenty of home theaters have been screens and nice speakers, Tom's is impressive for its attention to detail.


Kern spent three years scouring Ebay and traveling the country amassing items for his theater, which he built as a monument to a 1950s style movie palace he went to as a kid. Among his "key pieces:" a 1940s ticket collection box, an old school exit sign, and real vintage seats from an old movie theater.

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And the best part about a 1950s style movie theater, of course, is that the popcorn costs, like, a nickel. [Electronic House]

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