A 27-Year-Old Apple Tablet Prototype

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Meet Bashful, an older brother of the upcoming Apple tablet. Unlike the Newton, this tablet didn't go past prototypes whipped up by an industrial design firm, but at least we have some pictures to sate our curiosity about the device.


You might remember Frog Design as the company who kindly let us show off 1980's prototypes of an Apple phone at the Gizmodo Gallery. Around the same time that those phone prototypes were created, another set was made on Steve Jobs' request: Prototypes for an Apple tablet computer. Frog Design has shared a few images of that other set of prototypes to give us a peek of what could've been an Apple tablet—attachable keyboard, floppy drive, stylus and all:

Despite only being 27 years old, this gadget almost feels like an archeological find in comparison to what we think we might see in the upcoming tablet. Yet for some reason I still can't stop smiling over this look into the past. [Frog Design]


Is anyone else getting really tired of these Apple Tablet posts on Gizmodo popping up every couple hours? It's not so annoying it being there, it's just annoying how fanatically obsessed they seem about it, like it's going to be some amazing revolution. News flash, all tablet computers are going to be insanely fragile and only hold a small niche in the computer market, get over them.