A Backpack With a Three-Prong Outlet Might Actually Be a Great Idea

GoPlug is a Kickstarter project aiming to cram backup batteries, USB charging ports, and—for the first time—a true three-prong outlet (or Euro-style two-prong, if that's your jam) into backpacks and luggage. Sounds pretty convenient! But is it something you'd actually use?


There are a lot of ideas out there that sound really convenient and useful, but that solve such a narrow problem that people rarely use them. Backup batteries are great when you remember to recharge them—but if you were such a whiz at recharging stuff, you wouldn't need that emergency plug-in in the first place, would ya champ?

Of course, the real use for a backpack that boasts a wall outlet is to extend the lifespan of your battery-operated doodads. So you can go further off-the-grid, and use your gizmos twice as long. In that case, your backup battery isn't a safety net, it's a range extender.

So what kind of cool adventures could you dream up where a bag like this would be useful? Or what misadventures have you had where you really could've used one? [Kickstarter via Ohgizmo]


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