A Beautiful Building For the Scottish War Blind

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Blind veterans in Scotland have a new place they can hang out and not hurt themselves.

Designed for the Scottish War Blinded, the New Linburn Centre has a curved spine layout with a wide, sweeping hallway that is easy to picture in the mind. Guests can grab the railing and use this mental map to make their way from one end of the building to the other. The building is all one level and has low-profile door thresholds, both of which lessen the chance a visitor will trip and fall. Even the paint is specially selected - it's a high-contrast mixture that helps those with limited vision see doorways and rooms.


Besides its accessibility features, the facility is designed for fun. It has a workshop, an art room, and even a gym. Outside, the landscape is filled with a sensory garden and a terraced lawn. It's everything a blind person could want and more. [Arch Daily]