A Beer Lollipop Is the Epitome of Human Innovation

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Candy company Lollyphile has given us quite a few less-than-appetizing suckables in the past (blue cheese or breast milk lollipop, anyone?), but their newest creation comes at the request of the masses. Your beer flavored lollipop has arrived.


The same confectionary-concocting madmen who gave us the Sriracha lollipop are releasing their newest offering in three different flavors of brew—IPA, Lager, and Stout. According to Lollyphile's owner, Jason Darling:

We tried our best to stay true to each of these varieties, Stout being big & dark, IPA being hoppy as hell, and Lager based on our favorite Pilsner. It was, to say the least, a very fun flavor matching experience.

Even if these hoppy treats don't taste exactly like their namesakes, they are, at the very least, still probably better than O'Doul's, with a lack of alcohol to match. Of course, we intend to find out for ourselves, but until then, you can order some for your very own (and save 50% this week using the discount code "beerbreak") over at Lollyphile.com right now.


Juan Trujillo

breast milk lollipop, anyone?

Do they give tours of their milking facilities?