A Better Look At Stephen Chow's "E.T." Reimagining

We've been hoping that CJ7 will spark a new wave of Chinese science fiction films, and this newly released trailer definitely shows a ton of potential. Stephen Chow is abandoning the kung-fu comedy that made Kung-Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer so successful, in favor of cute alien critters. Mild spoilers below.


This trailer shows the film's storyline way more clearly than the earlier teaser trailer, including Chow losing his construction job, romancing a rich lady, and scavenging in the junkyard to find something his son can use to impress the rich kids at his boarding school. And then of course he finds the alien critter, which helps the boy (who's actually played by a girl) fulfill every kid's school revenge fantasies. Including soccer p0wnage and putting the smackdown on the mean teacher. I'm not sure if the sentimental streak in Chow's humor will win over American audiences without kung fu in the mix, but I bet it'll do well in China. [Twitch]



Funny.. So un-PC "Kung Fu Hustle" was lots of fun too. Make my day and tell me that Jackie Chan is going to do "Deathworld"