When it comes to photography, gear isn't everything—but that doesn't stop us being super interested in it anyway. So this splurge of data about the kit used by the World Press Photo winners makes for interesting reading.

Put together by hastalosmegapixeles, this chart crunches through the data from the World Press Photo award-winners to see which kit is the most popular. The clear winner in terms of camera body is the Canon 1DX, while the now six-year-old 5DMII and its successor, the 5DMIII, take joint second spot. All in, Canon dominates—with a staggering 58 percent of photographs being shot with its cameras, compared to 28 percent for Nikon, 7 for Leica and 5 for Sony. DSLRs were understandably used to capture 88 percent of the images, and while mirrorless cameras may be popular among consumers, they aren't among serious photographers—as a measly 3 percent contribution shows.


And, look! Two percent of the shots were captured on film. Film! Amazing. [hastalosmegapixeles via The Phoblographer via Peta Pixel]