A Build-It-Yourself Modular Jetski That Fits in Your Car's Trunk

As fun as a jetski be when you get on the water, they can also be a bit of a pain to haul around if you don't pay for a permanent dock. So a bunch of designers in Wisconsin created the BomBoard, a lightweight and highly portable personal watercraft that can be easily disassembled and tossed in the trunk of a compact car.


The BomBoard comes apart into four smaller modules that can be assembled in about a minute, its creators claim. And while the powertrain is the heaviest component at almost 80 pounds, it's still easier to wrangle all those pieces into the trunk of a car than having to back a trailer down a ramp.

With an impressive top speed of around 40 mph, the BomBoard can be ridden in either sitting or standing positions. And because it's so lightweight it's apparently very nimble on the water.

As for pricing, the BomBoard won't actually be available until early 2015, but its creators are optimistic that it will sell for below $3,500—at least that's their goal. So it's still an expensive toy, but it's far cheaper than other PWCs already on the market, without the added expenses of a trailer or storage at a marina. [BomBoard via Gizmag]

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