A Bunch of Narcs Just Made It Illegal For Minors to Vape in the US

Image credit: Andrew Burton/Getty
Image credit: Andrew Burton/Getty

Cool teens of America, hit your vapes now because I have some really, really bad news for you: Some narc who goes by the name of “Mitch Zeller” and works at the “FDA” just officially made it illegal for people under 18 to buy e-cigarettes, cigars, and hookah tobacco. Some teens, predictably, are taking this hard:

The FDA also changed its policy on how tobacco products are labeled, requiring tobacco companies to register any new products with the government agency to “prevent misleading claims and help better provide consumers with information to make informed decisions about their tobacco use.” Tobacco companies also must report potentially harmful ingredients in their products.

Here’s the upside, cool teens: Now when you vape, you’ll be way more badass than you ever were before because you’re an outlaw. Congratulations.

Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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I like this feeling. We should figure out some more things to take away from teenagers.