A Camera Lens Fell Out of the Sky and Crashed Through This Woman's Roof

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Having an inanimate object blow a hole in your roof after careening through the sky is a real bitch no matter what. But at least if it's a meteor or cruise missile, you understand how. But a Canon lens? What?


California woman Debbie Payne was minding her own damn business when her entire house shook, the San Jose Mercury News reports. When she checked to see what'd caused this tremor, he equally startled neighbor pointed to a somewhat destroyed, two pound 24-105mm Canon lens lying on the ground. The gear had punched a hole clean through Payne's roof. But where did it come from?

The FAA's investigating the obvious explanation that it dropped out of an airplane, but is that really so obvious? Did someone open the door to their plane and try to take a photo? How did just the lens fall down? The FAA itself is stumped: "This is an unusual occurrence—even proving this came from an aircraft could be difficult," lamented a rep.

So where else could it have come from? Not space—it would have been vaporized. Was it catapulted from a nearby town? Did some sort of massive bird drop it from its talons? Is this the start of some new, modern Old Testament-style plague, to punish us for our consumer whoring ways? Are we all to die by the same things we drool over and purchase? Payne's lucky to have escaped without a lens-sized hole blown through her body—but somewhere, some guy thought, Ah, fuck I can't believe I just dropped my lens. [Mercury News via PetaPixel]



From the markings on the lens, the answer is obvious. It was shot out of a Canon.