It's one of the most passive forms of weather on the planet, but fog accounts for countless pileups and accidents on roads and highways because drivers simply can't see the cars in front of them. But this simple bumper-mounted laser promises to help remedy that by shining a bright red line on the road, 15 to 20 feet behind your vehicle, giving other drivers advance warning that you're ahead of them.


The laser can be mounted using 3M removable adhesive pads if you don't want it permanently mounted on the back of your vehicle, and it's adjustable so you can set just how far you want the red line to follow your vehicle. The worse the fog, the farther back you'll probably want it to be.

The whole kit is just $11, including the wiring needed to connect the laser to your car's electrical system and brake lights so that it's not on all the time, distracting or blinding other drivers. And the laser itself is of course no more powerful than the laser pointer you'd use during a PowerPoint slideshow, to ensure it's not going to harm anyone or anything on the road. [Bang good via The Red Ferret Journal]