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A Carabiner Charging Cable Is Always Where You Last Clipped It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's a new weapon in the war on lost—or escaped—charging cables. Nomad Goods, who've already come up with a clever way to keep a charging cable on you at all times, has just revealed its new NomadClip which is, in a way, like a handcuff preventing your Lightning or microUSB charging cable from going missing.


College students realized long ago that carabiners were just as useful for preventing keys or ID cards from going missing as they are for preventing a climber from falling off a mountain. The NomadClip can provide similar functionality, but its steel frame and polycarbonate plastic shell hide a pop-out USB charging cable.

For $29, shipping sometime in November of this year, the NomadClip is available in both Apple MFi-certified Lightning versions, and microUSB for most other devices on the market. Just be aware that it's probably not certified for high altitude mountaineering, athough, if you find yourself trapped on the side of a cliff, the last thing you'll want to discover is that your iPhone is dead. [Nomad]