A Carbon Fiber Joystick...For No Good Reason Other than General Effect

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Why do we reserve the glory of carbon fiber for lightweight performance items? You know, other than durability and expense?

This custom controller's carbon fiber and fiberglass chassis may be eye-catching, but maybe more impressively, the stick is constructed with dual circuitry for maximum compatibility. Filled with both the guts of a MadCatz Xbox 360 controller and a Chtulhu PCB (for PC/PS3), it works on every major platform. Meanwhile, the actual play components are from Seimitsu, though Sanwa buttons will fit as well, fanboys.


Still, even with the blessing of a carbon fiber body, this arcade stick still weighs almost 4lbs. Next time, let's just go with marble and iron. [Shoryuken via CarbonFiberGear]