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A Card Game That Requires You To Keep Your Phone Out Is Genius

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tired of being guilted into putting your phone away while you and your friends have gathered for an evening of Catan? Try convincing them to play Game of Phones instead. It's a simple card game that requires everyone playing to have a smartphone chock full of music, photos, and social media apps—at least if they want to win.


The 100 cards included in each $20 deck feature scavenger hunt-like clues, but everything is found on the players' smartphones. Whoever has the best looking wallpaper as judged by their fellow players will win one hand, while someone with the best nature shot in their camera roll might win the next.


At times the game can certainly lead to some embarrassing revelations, which is probably half the fun of playing it. And after going through the deck a few times it might just encourage you to take better photos, listen to better music, or stop snapping photos of dinner. But what's most important is that you can play without having to bury your phone in your pocket, leaving you wondering what all those vibrating alerts could be. [Photojojo]

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