A Chair With Better Speakers Than Your Pimped-Out Sound System

Anyone who's toured their local modern art museum has seen a fair share of odd-looking furniture. And the Subsonic Chair would fit right in.

It doesn't look like something I'd want to sit in. But what this chair lacks in comfort is made up for in power. The Subsonic uses 1,000 watts to run its two 16-inch subwoofers, two 4-inch mid-range speakers, and two high-frequency tweeters. John Greg Ball, the chair's designer, originally conceptualized the idea in 2005, but has since gone ahead and created this prototype. Ball said he wanted "this to be an extremely loud object... I want the sound to be just like thunder." On second thought, a museum is probably the last place you want a chair that makes your ears bleed. [John Greg Ball via designboom]


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