They say if you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door. But if you live in the woods, and come up with an ingenious way to improve something as simple as an axe head, the world will be able to clear cut a path to your door. Because cutting down trees and turning them into cords of firewood just got infinitely easier with the Vipukirves axe.

The axe head's unique curved design harnesses the downward force of a swing to both split and break off chunks of wood from a larger log. As it cuts into the wood, the curves force the head to the side, acting like a kind of crowbar to break pieces off in a single swing.


Given how it works, the Vipukirves seems specifically designed for turning downed trees into firewood, not actually cutting down a forest—that's why chainsaws were invented. And at $255 it's probably a bit expensive for occasional campers, but if you rely on a wood stove for cheap winter heating, this could make the autumn a heck of a lot easier on you.

[Vipukirves via Notcot]

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