Woot today has a refurbished Roku 3 available for just $70 shipped, which is about $20 less than you'd find it new. This is the fully loaded model, featuring a fast processor, USB and ethernet inputs, and the famous headphone jack-sporting remote control. [woot!]

You might not have use for a 30 pin connector anymore, but if you own a newer iOS device, you can't beat AirPlay for convenience and range. You'll need to put in some work in the form of a $50 rebate to get this Logitech speaker down to $80, but it's totally worth it, especially considering it's currently going for $269 on Amazon. [TigerDirect via 9to5Toys]

Our favorite safety razor, the Merkur Long Handle, has dropped to its lowest price ever today of $24, more than 33% off the price we recommended it at in our guide to Shaving Gear. [Amazon]

3DS XL with $40 Gift Card and 4GB SD Card | Walmart | Multiple options

Game of Thrones Season 1+2+3 Blu-rays | $80

$5 off a $35 Amazon Order



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