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A Collapsable Accordion Toaster Would Save Precious Counter Space

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you're tired of your toaster just sitting around wasting counter space after the breakfast rush, you'll appreciate Quirky's Crisp toaster concept. Like playing an accordion, it can be squeezed down to a mere 2.5-inches wide so it's easy to store.

With the toaster fully expanded you get your standard pair of toasting slots with enough capacity to handle even bagels. And despite its clever slimming trick, the design still manages to incorporate a removable crumb tray so you're not constantly wiping up bread bits.


We just hope there's also some kind of clever failsafe mechanism so the toaster's heating elements can't be turned on when it's all closed up. Otherwise it's just an accidental kitchen fire waiting to happen. [Quirky]