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A Contemporary Cuckoo Clock for a Contemporary Cuckoo

Illustration for article titled A Contemporary Cuckoo Clock for a Contemporary Cuckoo

The Wristwatch Cuckoo Clock may still be our resident cuckoo champion, but this striped wall clock from Italy comes in a very close second.


By Diamantini & Domeniconi, the $230 Striped Cuckoo Clock has ditched the typically rustic bark and straw birdhouse design for a more modern approach to avian living. After all, in the age of dyed plastics, there's no need for birds to live in leaky, drab houses. I mean, seriously, just because you're a traditionalist doesn't mean that the entire mechanical bird world needs to suffer. Ass. [Rockett St George via Switched On Set]

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Please, that is fugly. I could design a contemporary cuckoo clock that would be 10x better and more popular than that.