Even letting the cheapest of robo vacuums clean your floors is still better than wasting your precious time pushing an upright all around your home. But do you know where robovacs like the Roomba are still useless at cleaning? Everywhere other than your floors. So the new Deebot D77 from Ecovac includes a cordless, carry-able canister vacuum for eradicating dust anywhere above ground level.

As far as autonomous robot vacuums go the Deebot D77 has every feature you'd want from a more modern model. It can be scheduled, it avoids obstacles, it intelligently plans an efficient cleaning route, and it will automatically return to its base station. But while removable canister vac is docked and charging, the robovac can actually use it to empty its own dustbin, ensuring that the next time it heads out it's not already full.


And when it's time to clean furniture, drapes, or any surface you're not walking on, the Deebot D77's canister vac can be removed from the charging dock and accessorized with hoses, brushes, and a carrying strap. Since it's lacking wheels you can't drag it around, but the canister is light enough to carry without getting immediately exhausted. It's almost like using a larger Dustbuster, except that it actually sucks—but in a good way. [Ecovacs via Gadget Review]