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A Crazy Man Sax Curse And Greg The Alien Reproduces on SNL

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last night on Saturday Night Live the skits were filled with The Lost Boys sax man curses and the return of Greg, who is not an alien. Check out the best of the night with special host Jon Hamm.

Is that Man Sax giving you déjà vu? Perhaps you remember one of the many Man Sax moments from the 80s, like the infamous Lost Boys beach player and of course Billy Hicks from St. Elmo's Fire. Add your favorite Man Saxer below. Thanks for finding the video EdificeComplex!


Also delivering in spades this week Greg's ESPN show.

Gotta love Hamm the Man as the latest Greg. Forget MacGruber, this is the crappy SNL film we want next.