A Creepy Fable Becomes a Little Too Real in This Witchy Horror Short

A tent, a scary story, and a bad time.
A tent, a scary story, and a bad time.
Image: Screencap via YouTube/Midnight Video

If someone says you shouldn’t light candles, lest you summon a witch, you best listen.


In “The Candlelight Witch,” they didn’t listen. This new horror short film, directed by Becca Flinn-White, stars three young siblings trading scary stories, stories that, as these things often do, prove more truth than fiction.

Courtesy of the Midnight Video YouTube channel, “The Candlelight Witch,” starring Brooke Sorenson, Presley Richardson, and Connor Kalopsis, isn’t exactly a surprising story, but it is a fun one. Sharply edited—that refrigerator cut was a fabulous fake-out—and unafraid to be a bit cheesy, it’s a nice little snapshot of pulp horror.

And at just about six minutes, it’s a quick, easy dose of the creeps for your weekend. Check it out.

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