A Cryptic Iron Man 2 Mega-Building, Plus Unlikely Comebacks On Lost And Supernatural

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Another puzzling Iron Man 2 set pic heads up our spoiler barrage. Orci and Kurtzman talk Star Trek 2 again! Startling resurrections on Lost and Supernatural. Plus Warehouse 13, Eureka, Virtuality, Doctor Who, Heroes and Better Off Ted. Spoilers incoming!

Iron Man 2:

Another tantalizing-but-cryptic set photo shows a huge greenscreen structure being built at Sepulveda basin, out in the Encino hills. What's it for? Well, obviously they need natural surroundings around whatever will be represented by the green screen. Actually, I'll throw my guess out there: the structure itself looks like a prison. Or maybe a factory, judging from the pile of shipping containers over to the side. It just looks as though the guardrails and fencing along the top walls is designed to keep people in, rather than out. More at the link. [ScreenRant]


Also, Marvel's Joe Quesada visited the set and witnessed the filming of a scene involving Tony Stark, Pepper Potts and Whiplash. And there was another scene between Tony and Whiplash that takes place in the dusk. (Or at least, it was filmed at the end of the day.) And Quesada says the movie's storyline "reflects the things that we've worked on" over the past decade — so who knows what recent comics storylines could turn up there? [Comic Book Resources]

Star Trek 2:

Co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have barely started talking about Star Trek, but they're talking about it to reporters once again. Orci tells Sci Fi Wire:

The debate is do you do a story where you go through some familiar things from the series, but now their outcome can be a little bit different, or do you just make it totally new? That's what we're kind of debating right now," Orci added. "We're kind of going through everything we know and love and making sure we don't leave any unexplored gems. And then also simultaneously trying to think of new things completely. So we'll see. The best idea wins, original or old.


[Sci Fi Wire]


Apparently Dominic Monaghan had breakfast with producer Damon Lindelof, and they may have discussed ways to bring back Charlie in the final season. [E! Online]


Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje bailed on the show a few years ago, but now he says he's eager to come back and give Mr. Eko some closure. [TV Guide Magazine]


Adrianne Palicki, who played Sam's doomed girlfriend Jessica in the show's pilot, will be back for one episode next season. It'll be early on, but not the pilot. We haven't seen her since season two, when that demon projected Dean into the dream world where Azazel never messed with the Winchester boys. [EW]


Warehouse 13:

Hey, this warehouse-of-relics show starts July 7. And here are some promo pics. [SpoilerTV]


And here are some stills from episode 3, "Resonance." [SpoilerTV]

And maybe you haven't yet seen this trailer:


Doctor Who:

Shockingly, the Daily Mirror was blowing smoke when it reported that all eleven Doctors would appear in a Children In Need special this fall. There's no truth to that rumor, a spokesperson says. There is some talk of doing a special charity episode, but no details yet. [Digital Spy]



Greg Grunberg says he's getting ready to film a sequence for episode two of the new season, with Zachary Quinto, in which Matt Parkman "beat[s] up on Sylar." [SpoilerTV]



When the show comes back July 10, we pick up where we left off. Jack Carter has lost his sheriff gig, and his new job with Homeland Security means he has to leave town, which makes his daughter Zoe and everyone else sad. Jack's replacement is Sheriff Andy, a humanoid computer simulation who's detail oriented but possibly out of his depth. But of course, Jack finds a way to stay in Eureka. [SF Universe]



Erik Jensen says his character, engineer Jules Braun, is fleeing from a family tragedy that hit him and his wife, but the show's virtual reality modules bring this tragedy up anew. And that's a theme of the show: that even going into deep space, you can't really escape from your demons. The show's as much about inner space as it is about outer space, he explains. [Sci Fi Wire]


And here are a ton of clips that Fox put up on Youtube. I don't have time to check which of these weren't in the 12-minute preview we posted last week, so I apologize if you've seen them before:

Better Off Ted:

What happens with Lem and Phil in the remaining episodes of this season? Malcolm Barrett explains:

There's a lot of more crazy experiments. There's a bio-machine that goes haywire. We learn a little something about Veronica's personal life. We learn about stuff between Ted and his dad. There's a show with an office thing where everyone is trying to work on this project, but nobody knows what it is. They just basically want in on the hot project, and that causes some craziness. ... We find out some secrets about Linda and Ted's relationship, which gets tested through some things that happen at the office.


Also, Jonathan Slavin says Phil finds out he's got an identical twin who's leading an exciting, confident life, and Phil tries to do the same, with tragic results. The duo try to splice firefly DNA with plant DNA to create an illuminated garden, but accidentally create a fire squirrel. And we find out how Phil and Lem met. [Sci Fi Wire]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.