One of the scariest parts of a hospital visit is never really knowing what the doctors are doing. So a company called Creative Arts has created this tiny CT Scanner that kids can use on stuffed animals in the waiting room before they undergo the same examination. It not only helps distract them ahead of time, it also helps them better understand the procedure they’re about to have, making it slightly less scary.

For safety’s sake the Creative Arts PlayScanner doesn’t actually have a gigantic electromagnet inside. But it does have a working laser target on the bed, light-up LEDs, and an LCD display on top that shows cartoon versions of the brain, heart, stomach, and lungs when one of the three included plush toys is placed inside. And in addition to making it slightly easier for kids facing a scary procedure, the tiny CT Scanner might also spark an interest in medicine at a young age and lead to a career that doesn’t involve running shoe endorsements. [Creative Arts via Neatorama via Reddit]

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