A Drawer Full of Kitchen Tools Is Hiding In This Fake Potted Plant

Everyone has that one drawer in their kitchen full of random tools and accessories that have no where else to call home. And finding the exact one you need in that mish-mash is often almost impossible. This adorable Fruits Plant, on the other hand, keeps everything you'll need for peeling, mashing, and cutting fresh produce right on your counter, disguised as a colorful potted plant that never needs watering.


There's actually ten different tools hidden amongst the Fruits Plant's many layers, including an avocado scoop, citrus juicers, and even zest graters. Since you'll need to import if from Japan most online shops are asking a hefty $50 for one, but it could be worth the asking price if it's finally able to tame your kitchen's wild utility drawer. [Japonmania via Fancy]

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