A Few Stupid iPhone Apps

Benny tested out a few of the obvious timewasters in the iPhone App Store, including iMilk, Crazy Mouth, and iPint. They range from fun (the $1 Crazy Eye) to the dumbest app ever (the $1 CowToss), but a mixed bag is expected when so many apps come out at once. Normally, Benny does know how to drink a beer, but he was too tired from standing in line for his iPhone 3G to remember where his mouth is.

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I used to have "Gaydar" on my Handspring Visor (I've seen the same app as "alien detector" on other devices), now that is a useless app for the iPhone. It would also be really irritating because the user would constantly be setting it off.

/I keed, I keed. Women who have them aren't necessarily gay.