A Fireplace Full of Burning Samsung Galaxy Note 7s Is the Perfect Way to End 2016

It will be impossible to look back on 2016 without shaking your head in disbelief. So as the year finally draws to a close, there’s no more fitting way to celebrate the holidays than by curling up with a glass of Soylent alongside a crackling simulated fireplace full of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s spontaneously combusting.

We have Anthony Antonellis to thank for this depressingly appropriate festive creation, which includes a ringtone music soundtrack that loops every eight minutes. Ho-ho-oh well...

[YouTube via Twitter - Anthony Antonellis via Twitter - Marina Galperina]

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I need one that’s just 16 hours of Trump Tower on fire. With live tweets from the inside insulting the NYFD response, dissing the architect, or how big and bootiful the fire suppression system is.