A Flashlight That's Powered By the Sun (Or Your Strength)

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Is there anything scarier than the thought of being out in the woods at night with a dead flashlight? Of course there is; your smartphone could be dead too. That's why GoalZero's latest flashlight, the Torch 250, can be recharged with a built-in solar panel, or simply your muscles using a pop-out hand crank.


Inside the Torch 250 is a 4,400 mAh battery that can keep the flashlight's LEDs glowing for about 48 hours on its lowest setting, or completely rechargeable a dead smartphone thanks to a USB port on one end.

Illustration for article titled A Flashlight Thats Powered By the Sun (Or Your Strength)

To completely recharge the Torch 250's internal battery using its built-in solar panel will take a while, anywhere from 32 to 46 hours depending on the intensity of the sunlight. But if it's overcast the hand crank will provide roughly two minutes of illumination for every minute of cranking, so if you have any hopes of rescuing a dead phone you've got a lot of work ahead of you.

At $80 the Torch 250 isn't cheap, but it manages to offer a decent amount of functionality in a single unit that could in theory keep on running for an entire camping trip spent away from a power source. Especially when an emergency arises, like finding a first-aid kit in the dark, or waiting out a rainstorm by crushing candy. [GoalZero via Uncrate]

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I cant really bash a zombie in the head with that thing...