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A Fleeting Glimpse Inside Ben Heck's Modding Dungeon

Illustration for article titled A Fleeting Glimpse Inside Ben Hecks Modding Dungeon

Nilay from Engadget took a little road trip to visit Benjamin Heckendorn, gadget modder extraordinaire, in his natural habitat: Suburban Madison, Wisconsin.


Ben, a graphic designer by training, gives plenty of insight into his design philosophy—he calls the process "whoring it up"—and there's plenty of oddmod eye candy to longingly gaze at.

But let's cut straight to it: this is kind of disappointing. Why? Because for every interesting new fact we learn about Ben Heck, a myth is shattered. Fantastic myths, these were! For example, he—Herr Benjamin Heckendorn—doesn't have a German accent. At all! [Engadget]

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That's a big house. Two front doors? #benheck