A Florida Woman Was Shot by an Oven

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Among items on the short list of "things that shouldn't be stored in an oven," live ammunition ranks near the top—just below live babies and gasoline. That's because, as Myth Busters has taught us and one Florida woman learned this week, live ammo and high temperatures make for an explosive combination.

Aalaya Walker just wanted some waffles. So the 18-year-old Florida resident, who was visiting a friend in St. Petersburg, 25-year-old JJ Sandy, turned on his oven to preheat. Unfortunately, she failed to check that the oven cavity was clear—it wasn't. Sandy had actually stashed a spare clip from his .45-caliber Glock 21 in there and, when the temperature rose sufficiently, the magazine exploded and sprayed Walker's leg with casing fragments. These rounds will discharge at temperatures as low as 280 degrees F but luckily, there were only four remaining in the 13-round clip when it went off.

Walker was admitted to a local area hospital with very minor injuries and Sandy was not charged with anything as he possessed the proper concealed weapons permit. The oven, unfortunately, is not expected to survive.


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