A gigantically excessive former Airship Hangar built on a Soviet Base in Berlin has found new life as a gigantically excessive water park. It's like a man-made island inside with a water slide that propels people up to 44mph.


Now called the Tropical Islands resort, the water theme park has a pool 4x the size of an Olympic-sized pool and 600ft of man-made sandy beach. They claim to also have the world's largest indoor rainforest with 50,000 trees in 600 varieties.

It took a little time to create the water world in the hangar as the developers found it hard to keep the temperature at an even 78 degrees Fahrenheit. So they ended up welding the two steel doors, which weigh 600 tons each, shut. Also:

To open the hangar to light, "we exchanged the [steel] skin of the hall with 20,000 square yards of translucent film. This makes natural tanning possible."


Seems like water parks in once great buildings are becoming quite a trend. [AirSpace Mag via BoingBoing]