The Beautiful Water Cube In Beijing Is Now A Water Theme Park

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Olympic stadiums have a short shelf life. They're oohed and aahed at during the games, but after the festivities, they're forgotten and left to rust. China is trying to prevent that by re-inventing the beautiful Water Cube as a theme park.

Yes, Michael Phelp's kingdom or that beautiful big blue bubble building or whatever you want to call it, is being re-imagined (with the help of $50 million in renovations) as a Water Park. The Water Park currently takes up half the space of the Water Cube and if you pay around $30 you can conquer the park like Phelps did the Cube some two years ago.


The water park, which takes up about half of the 12,000-square-meter complex and, according to state media, is now the largest in Asia, features a wave pool, lazy river, spa area and 13 water slides and rides, including the Bullet Bowl, Speed Slide and Tornado.

The idea behind the Water Cube Water Park is to renew interest in the ghost town that is the former Olympic grounds. Which seems like a good enough idea but kinda cheapens the art of a once glorious building. Guess you have to sell out for longevity. [CNNgo via S-Dash]

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