A Giant Tube of LEDs Can Turn Anyone Into a Glowing Graffiti Artist

Light painting is rad: a long exposure, a dark background, and a flashlight all come together to make an eerie, sci-fi effect. High-tech, LED-powered light painting is even cooler, but so far it's been a fringe hobby for die-hard DIYers. Pixelstick, with a newly-launched Kickstarter campaign, wants to put crazy nighttime picture and GIF-making powers into anyone's hands.


Brooklyn-based Bitbanger labs (the folks behind the kooky Remee "dream controller" sleep mask) put 198 color LEDs on a six foot long collapsible aluminum stick, slapped on a brain box with a SD slot, and powered it all with eight AA batteries. The controller automatically turns any image on the SD card (Photoshop files or the like) into a light-up mirage, each LED becoming a pixel as you wave the whole contraption around. A sleeved handle in the middle of the luminescent wand helps create Spirograph-style illusions with a spin.


Bitbanger hopes to offer the Pixelstick for $300 if it clears the Kickstarter goal. After that, the psychedelic rainbowy GIFs are up to you. [Kickstarter via This Is Colossal]

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