Illustration for article titled Absurd Sleeping Mask Claims It Will Help You Control Your Dreams

Dreams are crazy places where the limits of what's possible are determined by your imagination. Sadly, unless you're aware your dreaming, you can't ever take full advantage of the opportunity. The Remee mask wants to help you seize the night.


The logic behind it seems sound enough: If you want the presence of mind to control a dream, you need to do something that helps you realize you're dreaming. Remee claims to accomplish this by flashing light patterns over your eyes that won't wake you up. (Wasn't this in a 90s movie or like Quantum Leap or something?) We have no idea if this works, but we don't blame anyone for forking over $95 for the chance to fly—or whatever it is you wish you could do. [Remee via In Stash]

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