A Glasses-Less 3D Laptop From Toshiba With Selectable 3D Screen Areas?

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It's not like Toshiba doesn't know how to make "normal" 3D laptops. They've already released several with active shutter glasses, but a glasses-less 3D laptop to match one of their hugely-pricey TVs? Sure.


According to The Nikkei, Toshiba's 3D laptops will be under their "Dynabook" series of laptops, and presumably will use the same multi-parallax technology that's in their two 3DTVs. Unlike the tellies however, the laptops will actually let the user pick which part of the screen to show media in 3D, and which in 2D.

The mind boggles as to why you'd want only half the scree in 3D, because if you were watching a video in 3D in one corner of the screen, and tweeting in the other half, surely the video would be too small to accurately experience the 3D effects? At a rumored size of 12-inches, the laptop screen will be far too small to make a proper meal of—unless I'm missing something?


As their 12-inch 12GL1 TV will cost the equivalent of $1,450 in Japan, we can expect glasses-less 3D laptops to be equally as pricey, I'm sure. [IT Media via CrunchGear]