A Golf Cart Skateboard Sounds Like the Best Way To Play 18 Holes

Unless you're a doctor, retired, or the kid of someone who already plays, golf seems like an impossibly boring undertaking. Its only redeeming factor is tooling around a course on a golf cart, or even better, this electric-powered skateboard that's strong enough to carry you and your clubs.

Controlled with a 2.4 GHz wireless remote, the Golf Skate Caddy doesn't actually require you to know how to skateboard. There is some slight leaning required to navigate it around a course, but amateurs should be able to master it in no time. And if standing proves too tricky, the Golf Skate Caddy has a place to sit and (safely) enjoy the ride.

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Its built-in battery needs just under four hours to recharge, but that gives you enough juice to navigate roughly 27 holes of golf at a top speed of almost 13 mph. Your mileage will vary based on how much you and your clubs weigh, but the Golf Skate Caddy can apparently handle riders and gear weighing up to 243 pounds. So for just north of $4,600 when it's available sometime early next year, the Golf Skate Caddy might finally make golf feel like an exciting X-Games event. [GolfSkateCaddy.com via Gizmag]

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Full disclosure, I used to skateboard (freestyle and half-pipe), so I'm not in automatic opposition to a skateboard-ish concept.

Golf carts are practical on the golf course because of the width and length of the chassis and the size of the wheels, but if you put a full person's weight, battery, electric motor, weight of the chassis itself, AND a full set of clubs on smaller wheels, closer together, you're just asking to tear up the course.

You're also less likely (one would guess) to have an accident in a cart where one is seated than a board where one is standing and more dependent on situational awareness and balance.

It's an innovative idea, but not really thought out as far as where it would be used and by whom.