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A GPS Device Designed Specifically For Pirates (and Other Sailing Types)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

GPS devices designed for land-lubbers work just fine on an engine-powered boat that can head straight across the water. But for sailboats who have to zig-zag—or tack— to catch the wind, The Sailing GPS is better suited as it understands that the quickest route from point A to B isn't always a straight line.

Your typical GPS calculates an estimated time of arrival assuming you're going to be taking the shortest route possible. But when piloting a sailboat you have to tack back and forth which adds distance and time to your trip. So when plotting your course on the Sailing GPS, in addition to entering your destination, you also provide it with the length of your boat, and the direction and speed of the prevailing wind.


It uses this data to not only calculate a more accurate time of arrival—your Tacking Time to Destination—but also shows you the optimal tacking angles so you can get where you're going as quickly as possible.


It's not quite as romantic as navigating by the stars, but for $399—including a waterproof case—it's a little extra insurance guaranteeing your three hour tour doesn't turn into a multi-day odyssey. [The Sailing GPS via Gizmag]