When a couple goes on Maury aka the most electrifying daytime talk show on television to prove who's the father of a baby, it's usually a sordid tale of lying, cheating and deceit. But no story can ever get better than this: Joe, the alleged baby daddy, accuses Tom from freaking MySpace of being the real father of his girlfriend's baby because Tom was her very first friend on MySpace.



Joe thinks Tom is his girlfriend's "special friend", which combined with the baby's light complexion and blue eyes and the fact that Tom was the first and only white guy on his girlfriend's friend list and the fact that Joe has a few screws loose in his head, well, makes the answer obvious to Joe. Tom is the baby daddy. The hijinks in the video are RIDICULOUS.


Ah, a modern day love triangle. I wonder how many other relationships Tom from MySpace has digitally ruined. [The Daily What]

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