A Homemade, Functional LEGO Computer and More from the Best of Treehugger

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This week on TreeHugger, a badass PC made from Legos, a flatpack house built for $720, furniture for the minimalist geek, solar cells that can be printed on paper or fabric, and more!


1. Homemade Computer Crafted with Legos, Crunches Numbers for Medical Research
It's everything you imagine, and then some.

2. Minimalist Table and Stool Reduce a Work Space to Bare Bones Basics
Here's a design from British designer Adam Senior that takes a minimalist approach to the desk. The Ergo Stool & Table reduces the desk to its essence.

3. Less is More; a Dinner Table for Two Reduced to Its Essence
This designer from Valencia in Spain believes that even if you have little money and/or space, a dinner for two should always be possible on a decent table.

4. Solar Cells Can Now Be Printed on Anything, Even Paper and Fabric
Researchers at MIT have figured out how to print photovoltaic cells on every-day materials like paper or fabric — and the process is practically the same is printing this article out on your desk printer.

5. Tata Introduces Flatpack Nano House: 215 Square Feet For $720
TATA, which famously brought a $2500 car to India, is now is taking orders for an entire house (without garage for the nano car) for 32,000 rupees ($720). That's $3.34 per square foot!

6. "Water Canary" Pinpoints Water Problems Using GPS and Crowd-Sourcing
A device called Water Canary wants to change that, putting data in the hands of those who need it through an inexpensive tool, and offering the open-source community a chance to adapt and perfect it for local areas.


7. Solar Lighting Boosts Safe Childbirth (Video)
It's amazing what a little light can do in developing nations.

8. Keep Warm with a Low-Tech, Solar Powered Radiator
An interesting design for a zero-emission heat source.


9. OpenPCR Shows How Design And Manufacturing Are Changing
Now, a designer can have an idea for building something like a cheap open source PCR, raise cash on Kickstarter, draw it up on Sketchup, manufacture it at Ponoko, and ship it out the door for $512.

10. Renewable Energy: What It Is and Who Is Using It (Infographic)
While the coal industry and BIg Oil still have a stronghold on the energy sector, it's nice to see it isn't all doom and gloom. This infographic shows us just what renewable energy can do and who is using it.